when you begin

when you begin to walk again in this direction,
you’ll find a flow that fits well with your affection.
you who would treasure mysteries and travel far,
when it’s clear you can’t afford to fill up your car.

once upon a time you asked for us to bind up your mind
in a tidy, tight package that attracted a savage or two
and filled a few pages with pretty little cages of blue.
if it was seeking you hoped to do, then what you’d find

are obnoxiously simple rhymes dictated by the stars,
or some other such distant novas of brilliance past mars
and pluto and the ninth planet nibiru’s reflection.
some voice declares, “you’ve made your selection,

“and now you must decide yourself to leave behind
all of the awfully commonplace things you used to do
in favor of a priestly kind of life with sages of Wu,
it is the life for you that we so carefully designed.”