You may have already figured this out, I don’t know.

You may have already figured this out, I don’t know. This world, the one we call our home, is stacked with more mysteries than your poor soul can ever possibly comprehend. There are things happening within every single second of time that could blow your mind. The odds that you have a handle, a grasp on what is really what, are so slim to none, that you’d be better off slipping back into the dark night of dreams than to determine what is up and what is down.

…and you want the world to stay the same because it works for you.

Never mind all of the souls on the earth for whom the world isn’t made right. If you have to adjust your lifestyle in the slightest, then you are sacrificing your freedom, and this is unconstitutional.

It quite frankly has nothing to do with being Christian or not, being liberal or conservative. It has everything to do with surrounding yourself with the people who will help you keep your bubble of truth the way it is, and constantly reaffirm it for you. Once you have laid out for yourself a manifesto, a set of rules for which you will live your life, and principles to which you believe all people should adhere, then you don’t need the world to change at all.

Never mind if what keeps your reality the way it is, at the perfect pitch for you, is a reality that kills a thousand children a day in some other country. Your reality doesn’t have time for that sort of thing–to dig into how your government’s expansionist/protectionist policies may have loaded the dice in favor of you, your business, your family. Or how all of the merchandise inside your house was made by someone we might as well call a slave.

You throw out words like “personal responsibility” when people come around to your door asking you to vote in the next local election to raise taxes by a fraction of penny so the kids in your neighborhood can have a better school, better playground, better library, etc. You were brought up during the years of the most largesse the American government has ever dropped on its people, by a WWII vet who fought so that you could have it that way. You’ll be damned if you’re going to unleash your purse strings for some illegal immigrant’s anchor baby.

You want the world to stay as it is, even though the world was never really the way you imagined it to be. There are too many news stories coming in that are pure assaults on your bubble, and you would rather blame the President and the government and the liberal media, than pause to ask if the world you call your own isn’t really yours–and probably never was.