You may have already figured this out, I don’t know.

You may have already figured this out, I don’t know. This world, the one we call our home, is stacked with more mysteries than your poor soul can ever possibly comprehend. There are things happening within every single second of time that could blow your mind. The odds that you have a handle, a grasp on what is really what, are so slim to none, that you’d be better off slipping back into the dark night of dreams than to determine what is up and what is down.

… and you are a beautiful being.

In the new world, there is room for all colors, shapes and sizes. They celebrate the short, fat and non-white as much as they celebrate the tall, skinny and white. They celebrate the 60 year old as much as the 20 year old. They do not make a distinction. If you are a man who loves men, or a man who loves men and women, they love you just the same.

You are beautiful if you are covered in tattoos and you are beautiful if you refuse to get a single one.

In fact, the only way in which you are NOT beautiful is if you declare yourself to be ugly. Everyone else thinks you are beautiful.

In the new world, the only thing that is not permitted is non-consensual violence to another being. Children pass into adulthood via a single moment of transition. There is no teenage angst. The laws about hurting children remain intact, but children are treated completely as children until the day they transition into being adults. This prevents them from feeling as if they are already adults with some degree of independence and freedom, which often causes the frustration we used to see in the old world.

In the new world, we don’t care what religion you practice as long as you do not commit non-consensual violence toward another human being with your religion. You are free to openly practice whatever you like. All manner of monitoring technologies are in place so that we make sure you are not being brainwashed into joining a cult, and effectively declaring that the violence done to you was consensual when it actually was not.

In the new world, people openly practice their sexuality in the streets, and may imbibe whatever kinds of drugs they like. Children who may witness these acts are told that they are for adults only, and that they will not be adults until the moment of transition. If any adult tries to practice a sex act upon a child, the adult is put into a punishing cell.

Punishing cells are available for any and all who break the laws. You are quickly tried and convicted based on what the video recordings said you did. You are placed into suspended animation and force-fed traumatic dreams for the length of your sentence, which is based on the severity of your crime. At the end of your traumatic dreams, you are transitioned into an educational period of dreams, being shown all manner of audiovisual presentations on how to correctly live in our society.

Most who return from such punishments have a proper balance of fear for committing another crime and desire to be good citizens that they are able to spread the word of how unsavory punishment cells are to others. Those who might feel themselves to be inherently born with tendencies that would cause them to commit illegal acts may check themselves into the law enforcement offices to receive healthy doses of only the educational period of dreams.

Very few people commit any sort of unacceptable acts toward others, anymore.

In the new world, you will not find eugenics being practiced as it was in the old days. The notion that society would function best if everyone were tall, skinny and preferably white and blonde has been debunked. It was discovered that very few innovations that are beneficial to the future of mankind can be created from trying to limit the expression of the species. As it has been often noted, such geniuses as Beethoven, Einstein and Churchill would not have been allowed to exist in a eugenic-based society that permits only the most exquisite human specimens. Even the Greeks and Romans, who admired the human form at its finest in the great sculptures, were governed and educated by men who had many physical tics and ailments and had not achieved the most ideal physical forms.

In the new world, you can travel wherever you like and transition to any sort of body you like. This has also contributed to the debunking of the value eugenics might provide a society. The concept of land and body ownership has been eradicated. Children are raised by those who feel compelled to raise children, and when there are not enough adults in an area to raise children, then child-rearing robots will move in and take care of the kids.

Most adult humans are incapable of producing children. While we have not perfected the ability to grow children in labs, we have perfected birth control to such a degree that nobody has a kid unless they absolutely want to. Many humans still want to experience childbirth, including a large percentage of those who were born male. During periods where the birth rate has gone negative, female humans are recruited via propaganda, or required if they are prisoners, to incubate new humans.

Most human bodies live for about eight hundred years. Surprisingly, there are many people who want to experience what it is like to be in an eight-hundred year old body, and there are quite a few humans who are desirous of dying out with the body. Some of these humans haven’t been alive for very long. Of course, many more humans attempt to “trade up” with younger bodies as their own bodies age, and are willing to pay a premium to enter a younger human form.

However, all of the movements of a given entity are tracked carefully. As stated above, no non-consensual violence is permitted, so no older human is allowed to kidnap a younger one and enact a black market trade. When there are epochs of larger numbers of older human bodies, those entities who have been extant in this universe are required to enter the older human bodies and make their exit.

Because we have established a much better working relationship with the beings who operate the bardo passages, we are able to facilitate the transition of those entities who have passed out of this universe and get them back into this universe swiftly via newborn bodies, if they are strongly inclined to remain on this plane of existence. Due to this increasingly efficient process, we see fewer and fewer humans come into this plane who don’t really want to be here.

As stated above, you are free to travel into any part of the world, and visit any home you like. Nobody is allowed to deny you entry into their building. Anyone who denies entry is considered a thief. Because all resources are carefully monitored and recycled by automation, there is little actual labor required of human forms. Only humans who want to exult in physical labor will do so. Most humans participate in academic endeavors, as they have lived long enough to get all of their sexual urges and fantasies worked out of them.

But, there are parts of the world that are devoted strictly to baser pleasures. Think of Las Vegas of your time. You can go to these places without fearing any violence done to your person, and participate in as many drug and sex activities as you wish. There are very few entities who wish to stay in these places for more than a few hundred years of their existences.

As we have also perfected technologies to remotely view back in time, we are able to re-create virtually and physically almost any civilization and its architecture that ever was. Physical time travel is not possible yet. But, the more popular times and places of human existence are re-created physically and are quite popular. Many hundreds of versions of Paris, London, Tokyo, New York, etc. exist throughout the planet. If you don’t find one you like, you can virtually drop yourself into one, and the effect on your cosmic entity is almost the same.

Most people graduate from participating in drug and sex activities to traveling through many of these virtual worlds and seeing all of the great moments in history re-created exactly as they happened. After this kind of experience is exhausted, they move on to seeking out greater forms of knowledge, usually mathematical in form.

There is really no reason for you not to be happy in this time period. All of the old problems have been solved and ways of preventing them from appearing again have been put in place. Many interplanetary and interstellar robotic ships are now going out into the universe to mine more natural resources that may have been depleted. The Moon and Mars have had special mineral cores implanted in them so that they have atmospheres to make them livable places. All that is wonderful about Earth is now available on these spheres, and many choose to live on them because they are less crowded.

All told, there are about 10 billion souls that are considered potentially fit to be human. As the earth became an easier place to live, more of them came in from the bardo passage, asking to be reborn. This created a lot of problems in the form of depletion of natural resources. It was also clear that many of these souls were looking for simpler forms of gratification that could be achieved by simply being a domesticated animal. Because for over eight hundred years no animal has been put to death for food, sport or some other cruelty, it is very popular for many souls to become the pets of human beings. The comfort of the home and hearth with little exercise of the body or brain is often all these souls need.

In short, we are really trying to take care of you and make sure that you do not feel the least bit alarmed about your existence. You can still ask all of the weighty questions about God and the devil and angels and Time, because we don’t have a full grasp on them yet. We do know that there is a higher dimension of existence beyond this one, and we routinely interact with the entities who guard the bardo passages. Like we said, we have a good working relationship with them, even if we don’t fully understand who they are or what their ultimate purpose is.

You are almost completely free to do whatever you like here. You don’t need to worry about funds for your food, or be concerned about not finding an attractive sexual partner. If there is a certain type of human you wish to make love to, then he or she will be somewhere on this planet waiting for you and available almost instantly. We recommend that you do some exploring, and then begin considering who you are beyond your human form.

As we’ve already stressed, your human form can take on any shape or size you like, so you must begin to think about your identity differently. You are not who you are because of how you look on the outside, but because of the work that you’ve done thus far on the inside. That is to say, the imprint or etching that you’ve left upon your true entity, your soul.

Stripped of any adornments of clothing or body, you might discover that your soul is rather ugly. Again, you are ugly because you think you are. You should think a little bit harder about why you think you are so ugly. Is it because of some terrible think you did or said to another human being in a past life? Is it because you had a past life where you were repeatedly told you are ugly? Is it because you’ve yet to spend any time seeking out things that are beautiful and lovely to delight your soul, and nurturing your soul by seeking out other souls to connect with and help?

It’s entirely possible that you are simply not as advanced as you’d like to be. You’ve spent millenia being born again and again to learn some specific trade or skill set that becomes defunct by the next time period. You think you are participating in self improvement by learning a skill or trade, only to find in the next go around that you are no longer needed.

How can you change that?

…inside a world you did not create.

You can’t take credit for any of this. You were drug along ruthlessly by forces much greater than any force you could possibly produce of your own volition. All evidence of free will and control of your life is illusory. This is what you believe now that you are too old to move around much at all.

What is freedom, anyway? Is freedom being free to come and go as you please, wherever and whenever you like? If that’s the case, then you lived your life in a world where you had little freedom to speak of. In ten short years, you watched the driver’s license you were so proud to earn become a National ID card, and then a Global ID card.

You spent some of your life blaming your father and men like him for the kind of planet that he left you to inherit. Your dad was raised on dreams of becoming President, and being part of the colonization of Mars. Your dad was raised in an era where he watched his freedoms evaporate, one by one, but did little to try to stop it. After all, he reasoned, he still could publish whatever he wanted to on the Internet, and get in his car and drive about the country. Of course, he rarely did these things because everybody was publishing what they wanted to on the Internet and nobody was reading anything that the other guy published, and the cost of fueling and maintaining a car that you drove all over the country (not to mention the expenses of lost wages from not working and being able to stay at a reasonably safe motel) was prohibitive.

You began to see things differently as you became more acquainted with the arc of history that began long before your dad was born.

You could see that he and your grandfathers were already ensnared by forces that they couldn’t comprehend or change. When men ended the first great war of the 20th Century, they came up with a treaty that everyone hated and few abode by it. When men ended the second great war, they came up with a treaty that very few people knew about, and even fewer understood where the spoils of that war were headed.

When you were ten years of age, you noticed something very peculiar happening to people in your neighborhood. They would momentarily freeze up, roll their eyes into the back of their heads until only the whites showed, and snap their heads back and forth, spouting gibberish, sometimes barking like dogs. You rarely watched television, because your parents had made it clear that television was for a person who had no imagination. But, you happened to catch a news program running on several screens when you went into a Walmart (something else your parents had always declared was meant for an inferior kind of person). You were with your friend on a sleepover, and his mother had said she needed to stop in and grab something real quick.

Suddenly, the news anchor froze up, and began the weird seizure you’d witnessed happening to several people. Your friend’s mom, along with most of the other adults in the store, were all having the same seizure, and only you and your friends seemed immune to it.

“What is happening to them?” you asked.

“Happening to who?” asked your friend.

“Your mom and all the other grownups. Do you not see it?”

And then, it was over. Your friend gave you a blank look, shook his head and muttered, “you’re crazy,” and then everything was more or less back to normal.

You asked your parents about it. “Well…” your dad began, looking to your mom for assistance.

“It’s not something you need to know about yet,” said your mom. “It’s something a lot of grown-ups are participating in, and we’re not.”

“But, my friend Barry acted like he couldn’t even see it.”

“His mom gave him something so he can’t see it.”

Later on in life, you noticed that around the age of fourteen, a lot of your friends (especially the ones whose parents were already having the seizures) would be out of school for a week, and then they’d come back and be among the ones seizing up as well. Most of your teachers had the seizures, and classes would come to a standstill for these 3-5 minute periods where everyone shook and barked in sync with each other.

At this point, it became pretty obvious who was and wasn’t part of the seizing class.

You would seek out those kids in your high school years, and at first, they were reluctant to even associate with you. None of them would talk much about what was happening. You could clearly see that the seizure kids were easily the most popular, athletic, and got the best grades. Any time a special field trip or project came up, they were always picked. Occasionally, you would sneak a peek at one of their papers that had received the mark of an A+, and the paper would either be empty of answers and writing, or the writing would be all gibberish.

Finally, around the age of 16, you furiously demanded that your parents tell you what the hell was happening to people.

“The world is changing extremely fast, and a new class is being formed, Steve,” said your father, finally caving in.

“But, why aren’t we a part of this class?” you asked.

“Well, it’s kind of complicated, but your mother and I decided pretty early on that we weren’t going to participate. The offer came up during the early years of the Watson presidency, and we could have checked a little box on our IRS forms to join.”

“Is this why you and mom lost your jobs at the university, and now work down at the Megamart stocking shelves?”

“Well, not exactly.”

“Of course it is!” snapped your mom. “We both had tenured, faculty positions and low teaching loads. We’ve given up everything all because your father believes in some passage in a book of fairy tales.”

“Why did you go along with dad, then, if you don’t believe what he does?”

“Oh son, I used to, but now things are different. It’s hard. This world is so very hard on a person, and the beautiful things of the spirit and soul are sucked out of the body as an adult gets older and older. Very few people believe anything about God and higher places by the time they get to be my age.”

“So, why not just divorce dad and go off and participate in the program?”

Your dad shot you a dark look that made you shudder.

“Because I watched your grandfather, my dad, die. All of his life he’d been a pretty staunch agnostic, and then when he started to lose his life force, he suddenly began seeing spiritual things, and converted to Catholicism. It made me think that perhaps there is some kind of greater force that keeps us going–one that we just don’t see in the prime of our lives. But, I’m hardly ready to become a Catholic or even go back to church.”

Your family had stopped going to church about the time you were eight.

“But I still don’t understand what the program is, or why people would want to do it, or why they are having seizures.”

“I couldn’t honestly say, son, because the program itself is pretty secretive. All I know is that these people now put 70% of their income back into the program. They seem healthier and happier for the most part, but I’ve heard stories of IRS agents coming into their houses and removing all of their books.”

“But, hardly anyone ever reads a real book anymore. They are just decorations. Don’t they get everything they read online?”

“Well…I’ve heard that their Internet is a lot different than ours. Before you were born, they had a service called AOL that delivered a very stripped down version of the Internet. Remember that time we went and stayed in Corpus Christi, and you found that USA Today newspaper outside of the room?”

You smiled and laughed. You’d never seen a newspaper before, and you thought it was for kindergartners because the news they reported was so simple and easy for even you, a bright eight year old, to read. You read so much more news every day with your dad on the tablets.

“That certainly was a dying technology,” your dad chuckled kind of wistfully, “Well, the people who are part of the program have a version of the Internet that’s kind of like what that newspaper was to real news: news from a million different sources and news written for people who like to read.”

You sat there kind of stunned. Surely it wasn’t true. Perhaps it was just a rumor he’d heard from another coworker who had declined participation.

By the time you had reached the age of 26, you were carrying a Global ID card, along with everyone else who had declined participation in the program. Whatever bugs in the program in its early days that had caused the seizures had clearly been worked out. You were denied passage to other states or even the larger cities or more pleasant parts of your own state. You lived in one of the smaller cities that was full of people who had declared they would never participate in the program. You worked alongside mean-spirited, petty individuals who constantly talked among themselves about rousing a militia. These were hardcore Bible-thumping folk who had declined the program because they interpreted the Bible in a literal fashion. If they had ever decided to participate in the program, the IRS wouldn’t have had much work to do in the way of removing books from their homes.

Your home, however, was filled with books. You kept this a secret, because it seemed like pretty much everyone was against the notion of having books and reading them. Books were your escape to all of the different places that people once had the freedom to roam to. Occasionally, after reading an especially vivid passage, you’d get extremely tempted to go down to the local IRS office and declare your readiness to participate in the program. But, something about the memories of the way all those people’s eyes went white made you refrain from ever doing this.

In your life, you never married, and you only had a few brief relationships that could be described as serious. You were a stranger to almost everyone you knew. You were well-educated and worldly wise (or as worldly wise as you could be without access to everything that was happening in the world of people who actively participated in the new global program). Most women who’d agreed to go on dates with you found you to be strange, a man without a tribe of other men that he consorted with in the dead of night. Of course, dating a woman who was an active participant in the program was out of the question.

In the early days, these women had simply out-talked you with their silver tongues that were powered by direct access to the higher intelligence of the program. By the time you were 36, the Internet was shut down, and you had only access to the knowledge found in old books and the few websites you’d bothered to print out before it went black. You suspected during some of these conversations with women that you were being watched from some kind of cameras embedded in their brains that peaked out through the dots between their eyes. Even if these women had only conscious access to a greatly dumbed-down version of the Internet, they were clearly being fed responses from a vast intelligence beyond them, and these responses were obviously intended to shut down any chance of a rapport being created.

They only went on dates with you out of some morbid curiosity–to try to better comprehend why there were still men who didn’t want to participate in the program. Or, they seemed bent on recruiting you by using the allure of their sex. Just the intoxicating promise of being able to go to bed with them was often enough to have you out of bed the next morning after a night of little sleep and marching in the direction of the IRS office.

But, something always grabbed you and stopped you–maybe one of your parents was looking out for you from somewhere beyond this realm.

The great tribulation described in the Bible has yet to come, and now you are much older and with little health left to fight a certain death. Without access to anything other than the kind of 19th century medicine practiced by pseudo-doctors and faith healers who’d chosen not to participate in the program, your body has seen its share of aches and pains that once took down people in their fifties–and this is now happening to you.

You never would have thought that you would be suffering like a ninety-year-old man of your father’s time period would have suffered by the time you turned 56. But, the only work available for those not in the program went from the night shelve stocking and package throwing of your parents’ time to the really dirty jobs. Little protection for mouth, eyes and hands was available during those years of applying industrial solvents to remove paint and adhesive inside buildings being remodeled. Then, the only work was that of the garbage man, and it was definitely a young man’s job. Moving into your fifties and riding the back of a robotic garbage truck was not the life you’d envisioned for yourself when you were quite young and using your tablets to learn about the world.

And then, all of these jobs were fully automated, and they came and told you that they didn’t need your services, anymore. The younger folks moved through an underground railroad of sorts into the Rocky Mountains. Those of you who were too old to run came together in the ghettos of the town that was now filling up with elites who were part of the program. The house you grew up in, and the one you held onto after your parents died and the work grew more and more grim, was a house that was appropriated by an elite family who threw you out with all of your books and family photographs.

Of course, the powers that be were stunned to see all of the books. The family that came in and forcibly evicted you was too young to know what books were, but the powers that be descended upon all of your things and decimated them in one quick flash of fire.

And so now you live inside a rotting structure that is infested with termites, never had the lead paint removed, and smells of urine and feces from the old people around you who are too weak to even drag themselves to a corner when nature calls. You can still move fairly well, hobbling along a peg leg that was a gift from one of the pseudo-doctors who was able to amputate a horrid case of gangrene setting in after your leg had gotten mangled in a garbage compactor.

And then, you suddenly can move again freely. For brief moments, you leave your body and approach the proverbial light. Forces assail you from all sides. This world is now heavily guarded by the same powers that came to this earth to provide the program for people. But, for the first time in your life, you feel that there is indeed a power stronger than all of them that resides in you. It is a life-giving, creative force that only someone who’d declined participation in the program still has. It is a force that you can feel emanating from within a place of the heart, and pouring out onto your missing limb.

Something is reviving you, and you think that it isn’t completely of your own volition, but it can’t do its work without your help.

You suddenly have a vision. It’s a vision of the next world after this, and it is a world that you will help create.