A million ambitious projects and to-do lists all created to keep from having idle, devil-tooled hands

A million ambitious projects and to-do lists all created to keep from having idle, devil-tooled hands that run amuck and drink too much and take me to places physically and mentally and spiritually and emotionally that I don’t need to go–such is the design work that begins at the start of the vacation and gradually becomes forgotten as the vacation progresses and mundane chores around the house start to pile up–call the plumber to fix the toilet, get some groceries, vacuum the floors, prepare for the upcoming new job, finish up some contract work, hang some pictures, sort some boxes, etc.

But here now, what is this? A moment of quiet, much-needed quiet. I don’t need too much quiet, but this quiet is much-needed, if that makes any sense at all. Just the sound of finches chirping, morning doves cooing, the fan on this old laptop whirring, the dog gently breathing as she lays there pouting because I didn’t walk her yet. Other than that, and the sound of this keyboard clacking, it’s much needed quiet–oh, and the ceiling fan motor humming a bit. But, mostly quiet, because the kid’s TV shows are turned off, the kid and his mom are off at school and work and my new work hasn’t started yet so nobody is texting me, slacking me, emailing me, etc. about work, except a few emails from the HR department of the new work.

Thoughts are nagging me, or trying to, but I haven’t had enough coffee yet to let the nagging kind of thoughts run around wild and manic until I am completely required to get up and do something. The guitar is calling out to me, the new guitar–it’s calling me to come and play it and find some new groove to fill me and rock me for a few minutes before it becomes hackneyed and boring and trite and overdone–and it’s all just a bunch of pentatonic scale fumbling to some rhythm stuck in my head that makes my foot tap while I play but the rhythm changes every few seconds and so it ends up sounding as if I have no rhythm at all.

What would that be like, anyway, to create some brand new beat that no one has ever thought of–something not rock, country, jazz, samba, blues, funk, hip-hop, techno, etc.–something totally new and unheard of, un-thought of? Someone should teach an AI all of the different rhythms and beats that humans have ever invented and then tell it to mathematically come up with a new pattern of beats that have never been played before, but set the parameters such that it can’t just come up with something stupid like churning out one beat every thirteen minutes.

That’s not for me to do–I’m not that someone.

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