I’m pretty sure I just f’ed up so bad that I will lose my job.

I’m pretty sure I just f’ed up so bad that I will lose my job. I f’ed up so bad that I am not sure I even want to own up to it, but rather play dumb about it on Monday, until it is clear that I can’t and then just pretend that I made a mistake.

A lot could happen between now and Monday, but as I know ever since I started getting bullied in the 7th Grade at school and on the bus, Monday always comes, even if you get an entire summer of fun before it arrives.

In a way, it might be a good thing, me getting fired from there. I have another job almost lined up, and I might benefit from the time off before we go to NYC and then return to the new job in early April.

The worst case scenario, of course, is that this mushrooms on Monday into a thing where it impacts my ability to get the next job. Maybe. That’s a pretty worst case scenario. More than likely, the promised next job doesn’t materialize, and I get fired from this job and have to go beg some prospective employer I recently turned down for a chance to show them I can be a good boy.

It might actually be a hilarious thing for many people. It will probably be a nothing thing for most people who pay no attention to our emails, anyway. But, for the few that do and care deeply about not being spammed with the silliness that was only intended for two people joking around at the end of the week on a Friday, it will be the death knell for me, and possibly the kid I was joking around with. He will certainly hate my guts on Monday.

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