I walked on

I walked on. I saw no end in sight, and I couldn’t afford to fly, so I walked on. I wasn’t in any position to be upwardly mobile, and the edge of the cliff was always nearby.

I sat still. I sat still while the rest of the world progressed. The rest of the world progressed toward the edge of a cliff, and I was in no position to extract myself from the rest of the world.

I thought that I was no longer caught up in the snares of teenage years and my twenties, but you know I was just fooling myself.

Settle in, and don’t expect to have much control. The ride is going to be worse than bumpy, the ride is engineered to kill you. You are like any other living thing–you were made to be alive and healthy long enough to reproduce. Something bigger is in charge. It might be evil coating this plane with very few eyes of the needle to pass through. It might be good. It might be both, or neither. But, it is something bigger.

Empty your mind. Clear it, and then let it expand and go where it will. Let it expand beyond the confines of your skull as your skull is in its time and place.

Let your mind tell you its stories and take you places. Don’t let Hollywood and online Original Programming take control of your own storytelling.

You could be in a rainforest without the help of audio/visual aids.

But, don’t linger long there.

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