I was not made for this world

I was not made for this world. I was not made for a world lesser than this one, either. I wasn’t made for a world full of gadgets and distractions, things and noise. I say goodbye to the things humans have created to keep themselves amused, entertained, and separated from the Truth. I become a boring, stodgy old man in the eyes of others.

I need a cave and minimal food. Perhaps a blanket for when it gets cold and some means of making a fire. I don’t need to strike a hermit’s pose, though, because this is just grabbing onto something less that Truth itself.

All books written are just stabs into the light.

Most health issues and things that prevent a longer life are created by the progress that seeks to ultimately make people live in a state they could have lived in if they’d remained true to their original natures.

Practice flipping off the things that haunt you as if you were flipping a switch, shutting off a television. The past is gone, the future is yet to be. The moment just is, it just exists, or, you exist within a greater existence. Remain tethered to the Christ consciousness, the sense of pervasive love. Seek to remove the clouds, but seek a clear sky to replace them, not a sky filled with more clouds.

Seek as much natural peace and healing as possible, but don’t stop taking medicine if it helps, but take medicine with an eye to no longer needing medicine, not with an eye to remaining dependent upon it. Anything that is additionally added to you beyond the food and water needed to survive is a kind of medicine. A medicine that is used to placate something or excite something.

Try to find yourself away from your physical self, but don’t discount your physical self as being irrelevant to your identity. Who you are in physical form is part of a precise plan. When you seek to be someone/something that is completely Other, you prolong the formation of the particular plan.

But who you are in this time and place physically isn’t everything you are, either. The sum of who you are is still being added together.

Cast off what you really don’t need and cease trying to take on more and more.

The unhappiness comes from the expectation that arrives when you realize that there is always more you could attempt to have, that you will never have.

The unhappiness comes from chasing things that aren’t really happiness–quick shots of ecstasy and euphoria to the brain. You chase after these things, and you are made inordinately full of something that feels good then leaves you completely empty or even depleted and angry.

Things that come down to you from above/within and above/without–things that came down to the first humans–these are the things that matter. When the feeling of the first true day of spring arrives, you know again an added kind of peace that makes being alive worthwhile. And then, you want to chase after that peace by adding all kinds of extra stimulants to it–chemicals and exercise–until you are miserable and it is now summer and hot, and you are simply chasing memories of when summer actually meant a complete break from everything that taxed you.

Meditate on what “store up your treasures in heaven” means. It may mean more than simply tithing or giving to the poor. It could mean how you change your Eternal Self for the better or worse on this earth, in this life. The person you truly are when you die becomes the person you will be in your next life. None of this is new wisdom or a new idea…it’s simply a concept you haven’t fully taken to heart yet, because you are still acting out some of the terrible things you brought with you from the previous life, and creating karmic snares for yourself that will continue to follow you if you don’t rid yourself of them.

Every day, there will be stories in the news to terrify you, plus the memories of what happened to your own family. Stories that make you terrified to raise a child in this world. Except, you have to remember that most people don’t experience these things, and the ones that do generally have no control over what has happen to them. They just happen, maybe for an ultimate cosmic reason where all of the pain and sorrow and suffering will be alleviated at a future time and place on a higher plane, but for sure, they happen most of the time beyond the control of the people they happen to.

The things you do have control over start with the things inside of you that you need to fix before you die.

The discipline that you do on your own mind/self is the discipline that really sticks with you. The discipline that comes from the outside, as a matter of course, due to circumstance, etc., may or may not stick. You might die just as non-transformed as you were when you were born.

The places you go when you sit still and push aside the distractions: breath, heart, gut. Mind is too furtive. Sex is to volatile. The seat of the Self seems to be between the heart and the gut. This, too, is nothing new. Many sages and saints have come to this conclusion.

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