Dream: my Greek teacher from last summer had become a Calculus teacher

Dream: my Greek teacher from last summer had become a Calculus teacher as I had gone back to school to learn math and computer programming. The Calculus class was just as intensive as the Greek one was in real life, with a ton of homework due every night and a test every day. Also, it just happened that on a day I was wrapping up the toughest homework assignment yet, the teacher was also taking us to Italy. I had just moved back in with my parents in Missouri, and drove to our class, which was regularly held at the airport. Except, I didn’t know until the moment I was at the airport and was past security that today was the day we were going to Italy. I had left my ticket back at home. I called my parents, and my dad chewed me out, naming all kinds of current programming concepts that I had been learning that he didn’t understand (he believed that I was just bullshitting him about having gone back to school). I just wanted my parents to bring my ticket and an extra change of clothes, but it sounded like they weren’t sure if they wanted to do this or not. I told my dad that I was trying to get my life turned around, but he wouldn’t believe me. I went down to the ticket counter, and I could see that the airline was TWA, where my dad had worked. Apparently, TWA still existed, though I thought they had been sold to American. The ticket counter attendant said, “We’ve been resurrected as TWA, a Boeing Company.” I remember as a kid thinking that Boeing was its own airlines, as my brothers would routinely point out that this or that airplane was a Boeing airplane. The lady was skeptical about whether I had really purchased a ticket, but I offered to show her my ID. She said, “look, I’m doing a favor for you,” and printed out two boarding passes without checking my ID. I said, “well, my dad’s worked for TWA for almost 30 years, so of course I deserve these…”

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