Dream last night that the Marines had decided to let anyone join as long as they could run an 8 min mile or less and do at least 50 pushups

Dream last night that the Marines had decided to let anyone join as long as they could run an 8 min mile or less and do at least 50 pushups. Without practicing or training, I was convinced that I could easily do this and in the dream decided wholeheartedly that I wanted to be a Marine. At first, it seemed I was watching a retrospective or entering a scene after it had happened, and the recruiter was telling me that I did better than most 18 year olds on the physical fitness test. But then, it was clear that it hadn’t happened yet, and I had to drive down to where the special recruiting of middle-aged people was taking place. Somehow, I ended up in San Diego while driving either west out of Austin or south towards downtown KC. It was really unclear where I was, except that I’d gone too far. Then, I re-read the address, and drove back to where I was in downtown KC. I was kind of agitated for missing my exit, and in a hurry because I knew their offices closed soon. It was all women in this office. A plump, older woman greeted me, who was apparently the nurse to measure my blood pressure, heart rate, etc. The woman who would monitor my run told me that if I could keep up with her, then I was a shoo-in. She was wearing a full-dress military outfit, slacks, not a skirt, and took off. I was convinced I could keep up with her, but I was barely managing. That’s when I realized I should have at least practiced for a couple of weeks. At one point the point of view switched in the dream, and it was as if I was watching myself trail behind her. I was still pretty optimistic because I wasn’t that far behind, but then I realized it was someone else who was trailing her, and I was way behind. I started trying to follow that person, but got lost when the course became a series of child’s car and train tracks.
The most interesting part of the dream was the fact that my dream self had so readily agreed to join the Marine Corps, as if this was the one thing that had been missing from my entire life. I was certain in the dream that every other boat I’d missed and dream not realized didn’t matter compared to this one act of service and glory. When I woke up, I felt especially flabby and old, because I am not in nearly as good a shape as I was in the dream. I was probably physically about ten years younger in the dream, perhaps 32.
I mean, I wish I could be in better shape, and I am always having these dreams where I become a diehard runner, weight lifter or swimmer, but they never seem to be enough to motivate me beyond walking the dog an extra time each day.
Every time I start running again now, it’s as if I’d been smoking several packs a day and drinking all the time since the last time I tried to run. I mean, really drinking.

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