You continually get distracted by things

You continually get distracted by things, but then you inevitably come back around to the most important problems that are worth your attention and energy. You find yourself waking up in the middle of almost every single night with a sense that you were chasing down something important in your sleep, but you can never remember what it was that preoccupied your sleeping self.

The real question that continually bugs you isn’t one of whether or not a greater reality exists, but how such a higher plane of existence can fit with this one. In other words, you have been properly convinced by experiences not to be an atheist, yet, a higher realm of any sort is puzzling for many reasons. For obvious starters, why does it exist in the way that it does–with few people claiming to have any recollection or cognition of it?

Why bother having this particular reality at all, if it isn’t the most important one, and why have one that is more important, if it isn’t readily accessible?

Of course, there are plenty of easy and obvious answers around us all being in a training module of sorts, or being incapable of handling the Truth in its pure form. There are convincing arguments for the fact that most of us may simply enjoy being reincarnated with no memory of a past life. But, none of these ever quite seem to add up.

Putting aside the blunt and uncompromising answer of the purist Christian or Atheist — that there is no such thing as reincarnation — one is left with an urge to strike out and at least put for some kind of effort to find a hidden, undiscovered path.

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