the edge between the world i know and the world of chaos and doom

the edge between the world i know and the world of chaos and doom is fine and not well-maintained. the guardians and watchers of this edge have long since departed from their posts because they think that the existence of the edge was a fairy tale. men and women who knew about fighting hitler knew about the existence of the edge, but most today don’t understand this.

the question is not one of good vs. evil. we have long since accepted evil in its many forms–perhaps for as long as we have been a civilization. we have freely killed and tortured those who were different from us for simply being different. this is the real problem. somehow, one group was convinced that donald trump was less evil than hillary clinton. they sorely misunderstood the crux of what it means to watch the edge.

what we have done is place a man comfortable with making chaos and doom on a mass scale in charge of the most powerful nation in the world. was he more or less evil than hillary clinton? who cares. she knew how to maintain the edge, watch the edge, police the edge. perfect the edge, no matter how good or evil she was. this man, the man you call our president is a big, huge fan of eradicating the edge because he believes in the end he and his family will surf above all of the chaos and doom and prosper in the face of it, though truth be told he and they will not.

the last remaining guardians of the edge are people like dan rather. they will die in short time, as the younger boomers and gen xers and millennials spring forth into their prime of controlling the universe. but, what these younger people do not understand is that there must needs be guardians of the wall, the edge between order and chaos + total doom.

when the guardians go, so will go the wall, the very fine edge. we will not see hordes of barbarians entering america, nor will we see chinese soldiers settling on the west coast. or, perhaps we will, but that won’t be the real issue. the problem will be that chaos will ensue and the reordering that follows will be only fit for those who wish to bear the mark of the beast and feel the flicker of eternal flames.

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