In the future, the walls we put between each other will look completely different.

In the future, the walls we put between each other will look completely different. This is to say that there will still be walls, but not walls based on a false sense of ownership. We will discover our potential to be limitless, and each of us will find that we possess the keys to great talent, genius and superhuman feats of strength and intelligence. But in that discovery, the very word ‘possess’ will come to mean something different.

For example, every painter has the same number of colors to work with, and the same options for putting those colors into/onto a given two or three dimensional space. Each musician is handed the same number of notes in a musical scale, the same one-dimensional timeline upon which to build a song that moves from point A to point B. Any given musician can experiement with sounds and tones outside of the Western musical scale, but the sounds within the range of most of our hearing are much the same. A musician can stack layer upon layer on top of a single millisecond of a song, but the song itself moves linearly from point A to point B along one temporal dimension.

The same goes for each of our toolboxes of talent, ability, skills, etc. The palette of words, thoughts, ideas, mathematical theorems, etc., is limitless and living inside each one of us. For some, there may be a true and valid mental or physical impairment inhibiting their access to these things, but this doesn’t mean they don’t have them available. For most, the general response is to throw up one’s hands and say, “I just wasn’t gifted with mathematical or artisitic skills, I have no native talent,” and develop a grinding, basically competent skillset that keeps them employed.

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