We went to the Texas State Fair today.

We went to the Texas State Fair today. It was the first time that my son and I had ever been. I would probably go back. I was expecting a little bit rougher presentation, like a 4-H fair on steroids. It was pretty commercialized and full of people just looking to be bland, happy consumers. I felt pretty bland and happy myself, since there was enough beer being offered everywhere.

The fair was the kind of place anyone who is awake environmentally and socially would pounce on and criticize heavily. For whatever reason, I just don’t feel like bothering with the effort for that.

Perhaps it is simply the fact that I am too tired to be a social crusader. Or, maybe I’ve always just been one of the low-rent masses who like to go to things like state fairs and eat crap. If you wanted to get close to the people, you could go to a place like the State Fair, or Walmart, or the Pleasure Pier in Galveston. It’s funny how different the rhythms of the people are compared to the rhythms created by those who would come to save them.

What is this era that I’m living in? Is there anything outside of the world of survival and trying to bring a child up into adulthood that really matters out there? What can I really do about the crisis in Puerto Rico, or the crisis in the White House, or the lethargy around gun laws? I’ve donated online and complained to my senators, who are not going to do anything about it–but, if I lived in a state that had senators who aligned with me politically they wouldn’t be able to do much of anything about it, even as they made speeches on the Senate floor.

Am I guilty of burying my head in the sand too much? Yes. But, I am also keenly aware of my limitations as a human being. I am not a superman, nor am I an evil wretch.

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