Either/or (what most people fight to be)
Y or N = ~Y & N or Y & ~N

Both (what most people are, whether they admit it or not)
Y & N (50/50)
variations on amounts of Y vs N, eg 10%Y & 90%N

Neither, but an alternative (what most people believe God or a Higher Being to be, or existence after death)
~Y & ~N, but ~X

Both + something else in addition to them
Y & N & X

Neither, and nothing
~Y & ~N, and 0

All of the above, depending on the time and place. If no time and no place, no fixed identity whatsoever.

Y may be male or female, but also a pro-active, creative, outward pushing personality
N may be female or male, but also a go-with-flow, consciously-not-active (as opposed to passivity in a non-self-aware sense)

Or, Y & N could be some Ultimate Truth about Reality? Is it appropriate to strive for an absolute end goal, or is the journey the destination–or some shit like that?

Is this physical universe the end-all, be-all to reality or not? Or, is it all of the above?

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