See, look at this shiny thing over here

See, look at this shiny thing over here. Now, wait, look at this thing. What about this, don’t you want to have this, do this, be this, too? An enslaved person is one who has been divided and conquered so many times that he/she can’t recognize all of his/her so-called passions and interests for what they are: presentations of a systematic attempt to divide and conquer the being.

We love being amused and entertained. We are bored by the thought of sitting around with our thoughts. We welcome these diversions and distractions.

Imagine for a few minutes that you are drawing all of your little pieces of self back toward yourself to become again one solid giant. Your voice will begin to drop into a lower register, deep into your chest, because you are resonating with yourself. What you have to avoid is any sense of self-worship or narcissim, which is simply obsessing over an image you’ve made of yourself–no different than obsessing over any other shiny, distracting thing.

It feels good to be, to be a being in this world. It feels great to be able to breathe and have thoughts and read books.

What you also must do on your path to becoming bigger and bigger is keep your ways a mystery to others. They needn’t know how big you’ve become. If you start to try to take on every single individual you meet, to assert your bigness over theirs, you will be mixed up in foolish distractions of the moment again.

It is foolish to worship any thing, or even give presentation that some thing is the object of your shining and your desire.

It is also foolish to bask in any adoration and attention that others provide you. They are not worshiping you–they are worshiping some image of you in their minds that you and they have worked together to craft and deceive yourselves into believing really is you.

I wish to follow Christ, but I long to know Christ as he truly is, in and of himself. I don’t want to follow an image or a word or an idea. The true Christ, the bringer of Love and endless self-sacrifice, is impossible to describe in words or images without making him into a static thing.

The challenge then is obvious: I only have my words here to communicate what is happening inside of me, but even as they drop onto the screen, they become fixed things that may or may not be precise representations of the living force I want to share.

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