the fellow that you encounter here

the fellow that you encounter here at the age of 41 is not much different than the one you knew so many years ago.

the world that you encounter here in 2017 is not much different than the one you witnessed some seventeen years ago.

the things that have changed haven’t changed enough to merit a mention.
the things that are the same are asking you why you desire so much change.

look at your gut, though, as it has changed a lot–getting big and small and big again, and then mostly big for good.

consider your thoughts how they can’t conjure up enough information to form a solid conclusion about truth or jesus or elvis.

consider your friends–if you have any to speak of–and whether or not they are living their lives like the leaders they’d long since mentioned they’d be.

a leader of what? is a pertinent question, a salient inquiry, a proper asking of the almighty situation.

a leader of things, thoughts, people or places–a stand-up standard-bearer in the milleu of miraculous miles that went by.

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