We are living in an era where we don’t use cash much

We are living in an era where we don’t use cash much, those of us who live outside of places where they still do. I don’t like cash, it’s not easy. It’s only fun when you can place it in the hands of someone who clearly needs it–you know who needs it and who doesn’t if you give it out long enough. You can now make a lot of purchases with your mobile phone. That awkward new chip in your credit card can’t last for long–that damn thing takes forever to process, and the card slides out half the time at the grocery store. How many people will gladly accept the idea of swiping a mobile phone to pay for everything? I probably will, when that day comes.

From there, it is a short hop, skip and jump to making payments with something they’ve put inside you. Would you risk losing the ability to provide for your family, and eventually have your children taken away, if you refused to get a chip? If everyone else in the workplace is skyrocketing ahead of you because they access the Internet instantly while you reach in your pocket and fumble about on your phone, why wouldn’t you go ahead with that neural lace or chip inside your brain?

The technology and wealth has already arrived that would enable every man, woman and child on earth to have apartment housing, healthcare, nutritious food, and a four-year college education–all for free. Why aren’t we paying for everyone to have this so that everyone has more free time to create more art, math, science, music, beneficial ideas for everyone? The technology in California exists where solar power is so damn cheap that they pay Arizona to take it to not overload their grid. The food is so abundant that it rots in the fields because no red-blooded American wants to pick it for $15 an hour. Our perfect world has arrived, and we don’t even want it for ourselves, much less for others. We would prefer to continue living under the assumption that each person must struggle and fight their way out of the lobster pot or get boiled up and eaten.

We could actually turn this planet into something that even the most pampered of elites would love to have happen. Having people suffer and starve because they don’t have enough access to food, healthcare, decent education and jobs that engage their minds is ultimately hurting people like Donald Trump, but Donald Trump doesn’t give a damn, because he thinks that a few percentage points taken off of his wealth is just as awful as some guy coming along and chopping his nuts off or taking the wealth his kids will inherit completely away. We are living under flawed philosophies and assumptions from the 1700s, and our refusal to evolve to an exceptional race of beings where all human beings, nay, all creatures benefit, is going to kill us all in the end unless we can shut off the old assumptions and create new ones.

This isn’t about Marxism vs. Ayn Rand. This is about benefiting all of humanity vs. ultimately wiping all of it out after the elites of the world get an extra decade to survive before their stupidity kills them as well.

Why wouldn’t you want every single person on this earth freed from their basic quest from survival so that they can use their brains instead to make your life even better? We will not harness the energy of stars and advance out of this solar system into the kind of space conquest we’ve dreamed about for a century or more until we are all working together to solve the problems that keep us earthbound.

I would rather be 5% poorer knowing that a child is fed and educated so that he can save my life one day when he becomes a great researcher, than hold onto that 5% of extra wealth so that I can buy one more Bentley, Mercedes or whatever the fuck these billionaire assholes feel like they need more of that they can’t possibly consume in a trillion lifetimes. My philosophy will win in the end, or nobody’s philosophy will at all, and we will, at best, retreat to the stone age.

It isn’t up for me to decide, but I’ll be damned if I go quietly into that good night.

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