Where is Christ?

Where is Christ?
This is the question I ask every moment throughout the day.
Where is Christ in this, where was Christ in that?
Did I bring Christ into this decision, or did I simply rely on the ever-diminishing fumes of my own wit and hapless half-baked intellect?
Nobody is perfect, and nobody perfectly embodies the Christ consciousness, except for Christ and possibly some saints who have been properly minted with it up in heaven.
At any rate, nobody on earth perfectly embodies the Christ consciousness.

Some of the worst people may have had moments where they were seized by a sense of needing to put forth a great amount of effort toward realizing the Christ consciousness, before they lapsed back into their weak and foolish selves. Perhaps they wrought more Christ energy into the world than those souls who weren’t quite so chaotic, those even-keeled ones who took and received very little.

All of that is only for Christ and God to measure in the ultimate last days.

For me, I can see how my embodiment of the Christ consciousness has wavered sharply, up and down, ping-ponging severely sometimes the more I seek to embody it. I’ve been uncomfortable with an even-keeled way of being as much as I have been with the roller coaster type of life.

Christ consciousness means that you are always seeking to bring forth love and light and positive energy into any given situation. But, it doesn’t mean that you offer the silky smooth sophistry of the soothsayer if someone is full of shit or full of selfishness or full of evil. It simply means that you can’t fight violence with more violence, as this will only ever bring more violent energy into the world. You must be prepared to die for having the faith that you have, that the Christ consciousness of loving your enemies will conquer all in the ultimate end. If you aren’t prepared to die, then you are just seeking out the Christian way of being to have fire insurance in the afterlife.

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