a way of being summed up in a phrase

a way of being summed up in a phrase
it works like a lever instead of hemming you in
you hear it once and don’t need any praise
you know what is salvation, what is sin
based on this one way of being, this thing
that you should be from now until eternity
such a proposal is preposterous say most of us
that such an all-encompassing truth
can be summed up in but a few choice words
that once dictated to you, related to you,
it matters little what other great things you have heard.
and yet, who can resist the lilting way the leader talks
who declares that all our cares can be packed inside a box?
who could possibly turn down the opportunity
to make magical mountains out of less, not more unity?
we could easily survive on these few fragments that suffice,
these scrawled scraps of wisdom, given as great advice.
we don’t need to endlessly acquire that which they desire,
for alone but One will come to fulfill and feed our innermost fires.
even now we can assert that we have always had plenty,
in whichever decade you decide was best–the eighties or the twenties.
for every good and true thing each decade would bring,
a hundred more would appear as part of a fad or a phase
and work like a liar leaving you lost and hemmed in,
cast and created anew as a crass slave to some craze.
yet you once knew what was salvation, and what was sin,
so how can you not know which way to begin this one way of being?

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