My two cents on Kathy Griffin/Donald Trump for whatever it’s worth

My two cents on Kathy Griffin/Donald Trump for whatever it’s worth. I didn’t even care for the depictions of the naked Donald Trump when he was still a candidate, and I didn’t like the Kathy Griffin beheading stunt. It has nothing to do with liking/disliking Trump, and only a little to do with the dignity of the office.

It’s more along the lines of making sure that we continue to treat the people we disagree with as human beings, and the dignity of their humanity, vs. the kind of lines we hear from someone like Eric Trump “they are not even people.” If we want Donald Trump to see the full-on worth and humanity of every single individual peacefully struggling for a better life, be they a Mexican, Muslim, Pennsylvania manufacturing worker, West Viriginia coal miner, or transgender person, then we have to treat Donald Trump and others we disagree with as human beings–until they behave as something truly less than human, ie, Hitler, Stalin, serial killer, pedophile, terrorist, etc.

The number one priority of any president or would-be president should be a detailed plan to bring quality jobs to every single region of the country. This individual should be ready to tell people like coal miners and manufacturing workers that their previous jobs may not come back, but that he or she is ready to work with them in their region to make sure that they are trained to compete in the 21st Century job market. The endless prattle about blaming Democrats, Republicans, Mexicans, Muslims, Chinese, Indians, etc. for why your jobs are gone can only get you so far. People will eventually catch on that you didn’t have anything substantial in mind to help them get out of their unemployment hole.

There are more than enough tech and health sector jobs that only require 2 years’ or less worth of education which are going unfilled right now because we don’t have enough skilled workers to fill these jobs. You may not get to go work in a coal mine any more, but you can remotely adminster a data center, website, or hold a similar IT role. You don’t have to go to a four-year liberal arts program to do this. If you absolutely cannot/will not be trained to do technical work, you can learn a craft and your region can become known as an exporter of handcrafted, high end furniture and other goods that the wealthy around the globe and burgeoning Chinese middle class will want to buy.

In short, there are plenty of creative and successful programs that have been applied at the local level all around this country to get people back to work, and back to work in a meaningful way that doesn’t mean wearing a paper hat or going to school forever. What’s more, the kinds of investment in these local programs would pay huge dividends and the taxpayers would not have to pay for all of the investment. Where they would be asked to foot the bill, the return in increased GDP economic output and sustainable low employment would more than cover the up front cost.

But, no presidential candidate wanted to talk about realistic job creation. Trump wanted to blame Obama and Mexicans and everyone else for why there are no jobs available for people in the Northeast, and Clinton didn’t want to talk to these people at all–she just wanted to focus on…who knows what–her message and platform was unclear. The talk about gender and race politics…saying that people in the Northeast who voted for Trump are racist at the end of the day or being unable or unwilling to consider regional and local issues that may or may not be the issues shared nationally–that can only continue to hurt Democrats.

A Democrat with a smart jobs plan and a relentless ability to meet every single criticism of his or her jobs plan head on, and a great offensive ability to attack all of the weaknesses of the current job-creation strategies of both parties, would win the 2020 Presidential election. Unfortunately, the Democrats are probably going to end up with someone who more or less looks and talks like Kerry did in 2004 and Clinton did in 2008 and 2016–a boring, directionless washed up old fuddy duddy with clear contempt for working class people.

Someone who, within their own party, continues to stay on message about job creation, and avoids getting hung up on social issues. Someone who only attacks Trump’s and the Republicans’ inabilities to create more jobs. All other weaknesses and issues of Trump are left out of the equation. No casting aspersions on deplorables, no mention of terrible foreign policy maneuvers, lies told, whatever. Trump is attacked firmly and clearly, but only on the issue of creating substantive jobs for Americans who are out of work or are stuck low-wage paying, service industry jobs.

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