And then you have the man who says he’s seeking good, only good

And then you have the man who says he’s seeking good, only good,
But then you listen to how he leaves a little room for some evil, just a little.
So then he builds new words to describe these imperfect virtues,
And then he gets a group of friends to follow him in his footsteps.
No man who is living on this earth is ready to leave evil completely behind.
And I think that it may be so with women as well, but I don’t have a woman’s mind.
Leave just a little of evil for me, in case I might need it for some pyrrhic victory.
If I’ve won the battle of Life, but not conquered evil and death, and am not sure where I’ll be for eternity,
Then at least my accomplishments will linger until the end of time, and that might make me a martyr of sorts,
If I’ve sacrificed my soul for the common good of mammon.
Such a man always asks why bad things happen to him, though he knows deep inside that it’s his pride
Which keeps a tiny grain of evil rubbing against whatever good he did
Throughout the day.
So that when his health is flagging he can unfurl the furtive works done in the dark,
Which as you might have guessed now shine resplendently like a rare and cherished pearl.

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