Morning of 4th of July, and it’s really like any other morning except nobody is working

Morning of 4th of July, and it’s really like any other morning except nobody is working. Last night, I had several dreams, and swore upon waking I would remember each and every one of them, but I only remembered the last dream, where I was talking to some guy I’d never met before about the need for everyone to buy more locally-produced goods to jumpstart the American economy. So, my solution in the dream was to naturally create an app that connected buyers with local sellers. In the dream I imagined that every town and village in America still had someone producing things like towels and toilet paper, and the problem was simply one of sellers being unable to connect buyers with their goods, and that’s why we buy so much stuff from China.

The app seemed like a marginally good idea upon waking, if only to help local economies thrive better, though it’s highly unlikely such a thing would ever catch on.

These exercises in dream remembrance are mostly about attempting to gain a better understanding of just how faulty my memory really is. Obviously, I could write everything down as it happens–be it a dream or what I ate–but somehow I think that the importance really lies in being able to make mental memory persist with only the aid of the mind itself. The mind at rest, unperturbed by any sense of obligation toward others or toward an afterlife, seems content to merely passively receive that which is input into it from whatever sources.

I am recalling some other dreams this week–one where I returned with my family to live in Denver, one where I was making my mom cry by yelling at her, one where I was back in the yard of my home in Missouri and it was overgrown with all kinds of shoots of exotic plans that my dad had mowed and I was trying to save some of them–my little brother was in the window looking out at me.

If only this fog from the sleeping aid would lift. I can’t seem to find the right amount to take to help me to sleep and not leave me fogged up throughout half of the next day. If I stop taking it, I eventually become completely incapable of sleeping and eventually my brain grows frazzled and distracted.

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