Imagine, if you will, that you are standing upon an infinite plain that is pure white

Imagine, if you will, that you are standing upon an infinite plain that is pure white. You are wearing a white robe that is loose fitting and light. Above you, pure blue in the shade of the most blandest and safe spring day blue skies. You carry nothing with you. You do not grow tired or hungry after what seems to be at least a day’s worth of time. You walk continuously, but the landscape doesn’t change. All you see are your arms and legs, your white robe, the white plain, the blue sky.

The air has no scent. You don’t even hear the ringing in your ears that you’re used to always hearing, the tinnitus that has been with you for years.

You feel very little, if anything. There is no discomfort from having walked for so long. There are no other people to greet you, no sounds, noises, voices…nothing. Your fingernails are neatly trimmed, and your skin doesn’t bleed when you bite into it to try to bleed to produce some ink to mark the passage of time upon your robe.

Whichever direction you go, you see the same white plain and bland blue sky before you.

You have also noticed that most of your memories of your past life have started to evaporate. You can only catch glimpses and flashes of childhood, and your adult life passes by you in a blur. At some point, you decide that you could easily have been here for a thousand years or just one day, either block of time seems to make sense for how long it’s been since you were back on Earth.

Occasionally, you cry out, but the voice that you hear sounds exactly like the voice inside your head when you are simply thinking. There is no difference between your spoken words and your thoughts in terms of how audible the words are in your ears. You try to force yourself to sleep, thinking that perhaps at the very least you will wake up inside an interesting dream, but sleep doesn’t come.

How long before you go mad? How long before you cease to be capable of correcting the chaos that is forming in your head?

You try bashing your head on the ground, but there is no pain, no blood…it feels as if you were beating your head against the earth after it had received a local anesthetic. You can sense the bumps and knocks, but there is no pain, no blood.

Then, all of a sudden, as if it were always so, you are suddenly confined inside a dense crowd of similarly clothed human beings who appear to be as bewildered as you are. Many of them have gone much further down the path of madness and their faces are distorted into unreal expressions of demonic horror.

You feel as if you can’t breathe, and yet, it is merely this sense of ever-pervasive suffocation. You are constantly being pushed and shoved and groped, but there is no physical pain, only mental and emotional angst. Occasionally, one of the less mad ones tries to form an alliance with you, to come up with a strategy of possibly climbing on top of others, or working together to annhilate some of the members around you. Or, at the very least, to create a partnership in conversation to stave off the onset of madness.

But, all of these would-be alliances fall apart, because you are interrupted and confused by everyone around you.

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