Freedom. A sense that there is something much grander awaiting you if you can just learn how to break away. The most exquisite pleasures you have ever experienced all pale in comparison to what awaits — even if all of life’s pleasures were added together and experienced at the same time, they still wouldn’t compare to the grander eternal life.

Freedom from being a man or woman. Neither is better. However, trying to neutralize your gender on this plane is not remotely close to the freedom from gender that awaits you.

You will have the freedom to know all that you could possibly hope to know. The most complex mathematical problems will be comprehensible, as will the finest, most dense musical compositions. No knowledge will be withheld. Your furtive pursuits of knowledge and wisdom here on earth will seem to be utter wastes of time because all of these things will be given freely to you when you are free.

The bondage you are in here on earth is entirely due to the will of your flesh. Your flesh wills slavery to a lower power. At the end of the day, you will either be a slave to your flesh and yourself or a slave to your Creator–it’s entirely up to you. No one gets to make this decision except you. But, once you make the decision for good, you can’t go back to being a slave to your former master.

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