Power. There is something magnificent about the martyr, the one who would stand firmly, march forward ever pro-actively, never retreating, never passive, never passive aggressive, but always full of love. The ignoble ones are the ones who cry out for peace and love but retreat and never face down hate and evil. The ignoble ones are the ones who harbor secret urges to kill and maim their opponents, who use the occult and their own homebrewed incantations to try to bring harm to their aggressors in fearful retaliation. They will not inherit the kingdom.

There are those who cry for more equality, more voices in the room, and what they are really crying for is to be the ones in charge. They will not inherit the kingdom.

Power can be found in every living thing staking its claim on the earth, standing its ground. The abysmal sort of ever-diminishing power comes from both the bully and the one who fetishizes their victimhood. The universe was created with love, by love, for love, and then handed over to a neutral space so that some beings might be given the opportunity to choose love or death and fear. What good is love if it is forced upon you, if you are not given the opportunity to choose it, to seek it out, to truly love it? Love is magnified by those who conquer fear and hate and empty themselves out unto this world with their love. How can an infinite thing be made magnified? Such is the mystery of love. But, perhaps, evil, which also spins off into a negative kind of infinite lack, can also be made magnified in a negative way.

Love is not easy. Love can be boring. Love can be humiliating and unexpected. But Love pursued with all of one’s intensity is the Love worth having, the life worth living. Imagine you are a faucet full of infinite water pressure. You just have to turn the faucet on to full blast to let it all come out. If you don’t turn it on all the way, then the pressure diminishes and becomes full of gaps and cracks for the darkness to steal its way inside.

Your time in middle school is to the adult life as the adult life is to the infinite way of Being. You were class president in middle school, but that means nothing in adulthood. You were the fattest kid in class, but that means nothing in adulthood, unless you let it mean something. You were a bully, you were bullied…had big glasses, acne, braces, etc. — it only still means something to you as an adult if you carry it forward with you and never let go of it. So it goes with this “real world” of presidents and governments, kings and corporations. Trump is President in this world, this time and place, but it will mean absolutely nothing in eternity. You were persecuted, you persecuted others…it will only mean as much as you and others take with them into the next bardo. So, if you still hold grudges when you die, or others hold grudges against you when you die, this will impact what happens next to your soul. This is why we forgive our debtors as we ask our Lord to forgive us our debts. This is why we go reconcile with our brothers and sisters before bringing our sacrifices to the altar.

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