Last night, a dream about me being an astronaut exploring the moon.

Last night, a dream about me being an astronaut exploring the moon. I was sent to really dig deep into the moon, and uncover any hidden gems that might lie beneath the surface from asteroids carrying precious minerals hitting the moon. I came upon an area that I was convinced held oxygenated soil, with the potential for life to be living underneath. I unearthed a cave where these people who were very withered were living. They had adapted to living with a lot less oxygen–their oxygenated cave was porous. I couldn’t survive breathing their air without keeping on my helmet. But, I determined that they could benefit from more oxygen, and so I devised a way to pump oxygen from my spacesuit into their cave while pumping out our carbon dioxide breath.

These people told me that they had crash landed from a highly advanced civilization, and then they began talking about the “civil war” which I was all too familiar with. This civil war had started in the U.S. but had spilled out into the rest of the world, causing a great space battle between nations. The end result was that many billions had died, but highly advanced technologies had been invented in the process, similar to what happened in WWII but on a much larger scale. When I saw what kinds of technology these people were playing with, I realized that they were time travelers from the future who had crashed into the moon in my own time period, without any way to get back.

I began devising a way for them to tell their story to the people who were still battling around the earth in hopes of averting more carnage than had already taken place. The people who had time traveled and crashed into the moon had learned to live harmoniously together, and I thought their message could bring in a new era of peace before many more people died. Meanwhile, I started to fall in love with one of the women in the group, but she turned into a small, tan dog and insisted on having her belly rubbed. I was more perplexed and rendered curious in a clinical sort of way than off-put or disgusted by this.

I started to wake up convinced that the U.S. was on the verge of civil war at any minute.

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