Souls, all in competition.

Souls, all in competition. All vying for the chance to be number one at something. The reason why we think we have arrived at the best system is because we are too afraid to ask what it would look like if we started carefully peeling it back, one preconceived notion at a time. What would happen if I gave that man my coat? What would happen if I asked that lady over there if I could borrow her car for a few hours?

No system born out of a violent, all-encompassing struggle that overturns everything and is implemented top-down will accomplish any lasting, successful social program.

What I am imagining is a revolution that begins unexpectedly, from the least-likely people, and flows in ways that no one can control. It comes naturally after a long weariness of more wars and struggles to re-order and re-imagine the distribution of wealth and power.

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