Boring, matter-of-fact post.

Boring, matter-of-fact post. It’s Memorial Day 2017, and I am home with my son, not doing much. I have to complete some forms to stay in school next year with the low tuition cost I’ve been getting…I have two days to do that. My wife had to work on Memorial Day this year, and my son’s school did not. It’s been mostly a pretty relaxing day, but I am already starting to feel the push of things that need to get done again.

Next week, class starts, and I will be working almost exclusively on learning Greek. There is also the outside chance that the company I interviewed with over the phone last week will call me back and I will have to make some really tough decision soon about going back to work. More and more, I am warming up to the idea of leaving school behind, except this is probably the last job I’m going to actively pursue. I am now a year out from the last time I was in the kind of software I used to give me some semblance of having a career before.

My son napped pretty well for two hours, but the A/C wasn’t kicking on and the dog was whining to go out, and so he woke up and was kind of fussy about having to take the dog out, but was more or less a good sport about going out.

I’ve been a lazy, babysitting kind of dad lately, putting way too much screen time in front of my son, and picking away at books and news and attempts to write. Time goes by extremely slowly when we play, even though I do like to play with him in little short bursts of running around with cars or blocks or books or whatever.

I’ve run out of things to write, and yet I continue to feel as if something is pushing me to keep at this. I apologize to whatever historian or editor has to crawl through all of this in search of anything interesting.

The world right now continues to ping pong about in craziness–Trump is so very much like the temperamental fool who tried to run the video software company I worked at a few years ago. Every time he got an idea in his head about anything at all, it was pretty much a case of dropping everything we were doing so that we could create web content and shiny new logos for the new domain he’d purchased…and then he’d yell at us a few weeks later for having forgotten about working on some other random thing that was suddenly the most important thing ever even though it hadn’t been mentioned for three weeks–”I’m always talking about this!” He, like Trump, was really just a clueless asshole who’d suddenly gotten his hands on a lot of money and thought he knew what it took to make so much more money than anyone could possibly dream of. The idiot and his buddy would cook up knew ways to fork the code base, remove existing features from the software and slap new logos on it, calling it a brand new product. After a year, every time there was a change that had to be made, the poor software schmucks they’d contracted from god knows where would have to go into three or four separate code bases and make the same change, and usually they wouldn’t remember to do that. Those guys were hoping to get rich quick with a lot of smoke and mirrors and then get the hell out of town–which is clearly what Trump wants to do…he wants to get rich and be remembered as the greatest person ever and then exit the stage, leaving the mess for his children to inherit because we all know that Democracy is dead.

Sometimes I think that my nineteen year-old self was a helluva lot smarter than I was willing to admit in the years that followed. Back then, I’d pretty much concluded that all religion and politics were bunk–that the grownups had created a bunch of problems that they would never be able to solve.

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