You were born with an automatic, but you keep trying to drive a stick

You were born with a self-driving automatic, but you keep trying to drive a stick.
You keep thinking you have to do something, be someone to make it go,
But it pretty much goes on its own, and stalls out when you try too hard to force it to go.
You don’t want to believe that you’ve been given so many good gifts,
Because that would mean that most everything that comes out of you that’s good
Comes from a Superior Source.
What’s more, this might mean that you have responsibilities like many do not
To use your good gifts wisely, carefully and responsibly…even as you
Do not ever get to take credit for the gifts themselves.
You were born with a meal card prepaid
But you keep living as if you must steal and kill
To obtain your next meal.
You were born with a natural propensity to attract others,
But you keep making yourself uglier and uglier in an effort
To revise yourself in order that you might
Take all the credit for whatever about you others find attractive.
You were born with all of the answers written down and handed to you
But you believe you must keep searching in dark corners
For special secrets that can only be revealed through your own particular hard work.
And then, to top it off, you cry out to the Superior Source that you never get any good gifts, while everyone else luxuriates in endless undeserved bounties.
In the parable of talents, you have somehow managed to insert yourself as being an even more inferior character than the miser who hoarded his one single talent.
All of this would end tomorrow if you just stopped bottlenecking the gracious Love that the Superior Source is pushing through you in endless abundance, and let it flow where it will.
Get out of the picture and let the Spirit fill the space.
Stop grinding the gears on your non-existent stick shift, and let the Giver of great gifts–gifts like you and all of Creation–take you to your destination.

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