Things that are nigh perfect which emerge out of an utterly imperfect world

Things that are nigh perfect which emerge out of an utterly imperfect world, a world that seems to have zero ability to ever come close to even being just acceptable for most human beings. Does the messiness and awfulness rise up out of each individual, and then multiply itself with each interaction between two individuals? How on earth can you solve the world’s problems, if the only way to truly solve them would be to change the heart of each individual human being, one at a time? Of course, you can’t solve anything at all. If you still think that you are somehow equipped with more ability to solve the world’s problems than another human being, you are as misguided and deluded as you were when you were a teenager.

You can pray. You can change your own heart. You can make yourself as much the solution and as little the problem as possible. You can work with like-minded people to do the same. You can be utterly patient and long-suffering with those who are not like-minded, as you should be if you’ve truly changed your heart. You will become a person who says and does many things that go against most conventional wisdom. Most conventional wisdom is based on survival, on succeeding in a tit-for-tat, naturalistic environment where everyone and everything has a price but no value. You can find great success in this world by applying conventional wisdom. You can even find minor success while wearing the mask of someone who is unconventional, even as you practice conventional wisdom in your deeds if not in your words.

Unconventional wisdom is everything Christ taught you to do. Forgive your enemies. Love them. Give freely without any pretense whatsoever. Willingly accept that you will die before your biological time is due. Own very little, next to nothing. Give things away that you were profoundly attached to. Let them go. Pause to let someone waste your time. You shouldn’t be thinking of it as time wasted, of course, but that’s the terminology of our world. Let others distract you and gain your attention. Pay attention to the problems and issues they are encountering without trying to solve them or relate your own problems to them in a not-so-stealthy way of enabling yourself to unload your burdens on someone else in the name of sharing.

Strive for no career at all–nothing great will ever be associated with you. Be content helping a few people for a little while instead of trying to impact the most number of humans with the least number of dollars. Be glad that you are a nobody.

The joy that you are discovering as you get to know Christ–really know him–for the first time–this is a deeper, more abundant and constantly flowing kind of joy than any of the selfish, stolen moments of transient pleasure that the flesh seeks out. The company of others who truly care about you is to be cherished above anything else on this earth–don’t sell this out for the sake of validation and adoration from a bunch of people who not-so-secretly despise you or care nothing for you but are willing to offer up praise for various mercenary reasons.

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