Perfection. Is it over-rated, a flame for you the ugly moth to die upon, or a gorgeous composition to be admired and respected from afar? In every situation, every group dynamic, you will encounter the individual who is most perfectly human. He or she is generally easy on the eyes, well-spoken, and well-liked. But, sometimes the perfect person seems to be a little shy and otherworldly–not accessibly shy, but living in a realm beyond this one, as it should be. Other times the perfect person will befriend you, the ugly, befuddled, messy, awkward one out of whatever sense of duty the person has to his or her ultimate sense of being perfect.

Which is to say, you are shined upon by a great light which, if you aren’t careful, can leave you feeling for days as if you, too, were endowed with the same perfect qualities as the perfect person, and you, too, were scheduled for a transmission to that plane of perfection. You start to look down upon all of those rather good-looking and pretty smart people who looked down upon you for so many years. Why, those folks were clearly like all of the rich, egotistical, fat and lousy cats in all the sermons, fables, parables and fairy tales who’d exulted themselves only to be made the least of these while you, the hairy ogre-ific beast was truly destined to become among the greatest of these!

But then, inevitably, life leads you back into the world of the real and the non-parabolic, and you are given the opportunity to see the good-looking and pretty smart people networking with that perfect person, who clearly and dearly loves them the most, and sympathizes and empathizes with them the most–and he or she will inevitably remind you why he or she paid attention to you in the first place. A light shined from the highest and brightest place you know will make everyone feel bright and lifted up for a day. A rising tide that lifts all boats will lift the sad little decrepit ones who’d languished in the backwaters up to a happy little vantage point where we sad boats can see the ravishing, setting sun.

And, this is good, and right, and necessary for humanity to continue to progress forward, and continue to occasionally produce these magnificent, nay, perfect ones. But let’s be clear: there is clearly a kingdom to come where you will be allowed to linger and not fall away, though you most certainly will understand once and for all that being smiled upon by the king or queen for a day doesn’t mean you’ve been invited to live inside the castle.

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