Being. Remember that fellow in Easy Rider–was it Peter Fonda’s character? who said he was perfectly happy who he was, and had no desire to ever be anyone else? While Jack Nicholson’s character made some crack about wanting to be Daffy Duck…

But then, you think about yourself and who you are and who you’ve often dreamed of being. Everything washes over in waves of these polar opposites–some days you wish you were anyone but you, and other days you really can’t imagine having been or ever being anyone but you. You assert that you are clearly a man and could never possibly be a woman, but there are days when the life of being a woman seems the only correct way to be to snag a spot in the pantheon of eternity–God and Jesus will engage as they will with their kingdom in relationships that are clearly such that all who are saved will be more female than male for all of eternity. A voice quickly cries how absurd this is, and how utterly nonsensical it is to see God and the Spirit and even Jesus post-resurrection as being gendered. Except, there is something to be said for the qualities of the masculine and feminine when they are fully realized in loving, peaceful ways, and expressions of love between men and women are such that there are no power plays. In the almighty eternal, the great by and by, it seems like being an asshole or a bitch won’t get you so far, but being magnanimous and abundant in love will make a lot of sense.

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