Did the world become too big again?

Did the world become too big again? The very act of running into a neighbor while taking out the dog or fetching the mail suddenly seems to be as epic as the Odyssey. Soon, the dread of the machinations of men and women with vastly superior intellects was a very real thing and not some imaginary phobia to be mocked and slighted for its absurdity. You’ve had clues that these things are afoot, too many times to count. Think of all the times you smoked dope and suddenly everyone in the room was talking to each other in some kind of witchy, demonic language and looking at you and giggling because you were outed–the one at the party who was yet uninitiated to the upper echelons of human/demon congress.

But, there were also many days where no dope or lack of sleep and food or extra cup of coffee, or anything, had to incite the certain sense that the entire room was intensely connected via a masterfully exquisite series of body language cues and codes that each person had rigorously mastered, and which you only had the foggiest notion of there being such.

Sometimes it’s clear that the secret language is shared only between the young, and there is a clue or two that you might have once been able to understand it. Other times, it’s all of the females in the room, or all of the individuals over the age of 60. But then, it can also be a group of white males who are blithely bro’ing it up betwixt each other, and you, the other white male in the room who is supposed to know when to smile, laugh and chime in accordingly is utterly lost and soon to be scowled upon for not having passed your White Male 101 cultural quizzes.

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