It never changes, no matter what you are doing

It never changes, no matter what you are doing. The universe cycles through, again and again, in waves of good and bad. If you are riding the wave of a series of triumphs and good news, just wait. There will be the hint of some bad thing to come and knock you down, and you will probably ignore the hint, and then the next thing you know, you will be down for the count. But, if you are caught up in the undertow of a bad wave that is pulling you away from anything good at all, just wait. Something good will come along to brighten everything just about the time things start to appear their darkest. The only problem, of course, is that the bad things seem to come harder and faster and last longer and linger after the good things arrive, and the good things retreat too quickly. You would have to be greatly fooling yourself to assert that this is primarily a positive-overall universe…evil seems to have a slight edge in everything you say and do, everywhere you go, everyone you meet. The more you thrash at the waves and try to swim against the undertow, the harder the bad waves pull you away from that shangrila shore of righteousness, goodness, and perpetual worship of the Holy Spirit, Jesus and God among the angels.

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