Brief, but vivid dream while napping today

Brief, but vivid dream while napping today. I dreamed that I was back in the old house, and was waiting for my little brother to return home. The layout of the dream old house seemed pretty faithful to what I remember from real life. I started singing with a sense of urgency that I really had to belt things out before he got home. I suddenly got it in my head that I looked and sounded like Bono when I was wearing sunglasses, and started saying something like “Come on, who wouldn’t want to pay to hear this?” I ran into the little bathroom off of the living room, which consisted of a sink and toilet, and looked in the mirror. My head was huge, even for me, and my glasses were about ten times thicker than my glasses in real life, which are about as thick as glasses get. The thick lenses made my eyes look Asiatic, and even my hair looked to be darker and softer like an Asian man’s. I was shocked to see that this is how people really saw me when I wore “sunglasses” and tried to sing like Bono, but I was still full of myself and convinced that I had the looks to be a prime time rock star.

At this point, I was suddenly swept away and taken out toward the outer reaches of the Afterlife, and given this grave sense of just how much a soul remembers after they die. Far removed in both space, time and a higher dimension of perhaps both, the sould soon can’t recall what was really important and mattered here on earth, and all of the souls around me were preoccupied with matters pressing to them that had absolutely nothing at all to do with the things people find important on earth, either in a given time and place or historically. It was actually kind of frightening. I had lost completely my basis for understanding what I should really be doing here on earth that would be helpful to me in the Afterlife–none of my writing or attempts to be more righteous and pious and help others seemed to matter. What’s more, even if I were to write something that would make me a household name for billions of people for thousands of years to come, in the Afterlife, it is like being that many more years and miles removed from what mattered here–all that is left is a faint memory of having lived in this time and place.

I am not exactly sure what the real message here was–either, stop trying to do things that you think are storing up treasure for you in heaven and just live and be happy with who you are in this life as it’s a gift to be accepted graciously and entirely…or, you need to be doing completely different things in order that those things you do here on earth WILL matter in the afterlife. Or, maybe there was no message at all, just an inkling of how things really are.

But, the most impressive thing about what I experienced in the dream was just how much the Afterlife was separated from this life by both space AND time. Imagine what you did ten years ago suddenly looking like it took place a million years ago–how much of it would you remember if a million true years have gotten behind you and the thing you did? You’d remember nothing of it. There was also a deeper connection between memory and movement through time than what I could understand–like there is a Time chasm you could fall into that is so much scarier and worse for your soul than a spatial chasm. Without a Guide of some kind, you could end up lost for what would seem like eternity.

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