Dream last night

Dream last night consisted of me taking my wife out for an anniversary dinner. We were staying at the house I grew up in, but only my dad was present there. An old lady from my church had moved into the neighborhood, and she wanted to attend the anniversary dinner with us. We went to some kind of resort that was supposed to be like Trump’s resort, I think. We got there early, around 5:30 and so we were seated at a large banquet table all by ourselves. But, for some reason, they insisted that I sit at the head of the table while my wife and the lady from church sat further down near the other end of the table. I wasn’t happy about this, and decided that I needed to go back to our rental car and rest. We’d parked the car near the very front of the lobby of the restaurant/resort, and I took a nap. I went back into the restaurant, and my wife and the neighbor were having the special anniversary dish, which turned out to be a really amateur-made fruit salad. In the waking world, my wife hates fruit, but she had mostly finished it in the dream. Mine sat untouched, and I started to walk over to eat it, but then realized that while I had been napping, I had taken all of my clothes off except my briefs. Realizing this, I went back to the car and began to get dressed in the front passenger seat while more and more people were arriving and entering the restaurant. When I got back into the restaurant, my fruit salad had been bussed away, and dozens of people were now being seated at our table and other tables. I was extremely upset about having my fruit salad taken away, and so I started to throw a fit.

Finally, the waiter grabbed the manager or whoever was in charge that night, and he came out and seemed a bit amused that I was in such a rage over a fruit salad. He calmly told me that they’d bring me another one, but I was fuming that I couldn’t have the original fruit salad that had been prepared for me. I stormed out of the restaurant and suddenly began to realize that I was dreaming.

I decided that I would just walk and walk and not eat or sleep and see how long I could stay inside this dream. I had this notion that I was in a dream state akin to the movie Inception where I could spend ages in the dream before needing to wake up in real life. As I began to walk, I started to see how much the area I was in had become extremely impoverished. It had elements of the poverty of the poorest of countries while still retaining some appearance of an American urban area. I saw a Holiday Inn, and in the dream I was convinced that Holiday Inns have the best happy hours and serve the best drinks. Realizing I had some money in my pocket, I went into this Holiday Inn, hoping to have a nice drink on the cheap, but the restaurant/bar area was extremely crowded. I began walking along the street again–it was massively polluted, and covered in street merchants selling random wares. Someone handed me a map that showed me how the powers-that-be had been plotting to experimentally make a large swath of the US, including the part I was in, DUMB. That’s what it said on the map. In another area it said, SMART. I concluded that if I could get out of this zone and get into a SMART zone, I would be around a bunch of highly educated and cultured people. I tried to cross a canal flowing through the middle of the city, but the bridge part was convoluted and covered in construction and signage. I gave up, but another woman was intent on crossing over to my side. I walked further and found a bridge, and suddenly my dog was with me. My dog started butting heads with another guy’s dog, to the point where his dog’s head bounced back into a massive fold of skin and back out–sort of like a large foreskin around the dog’s neck. The guy told me not to tell his wife about this, as his wife had told him they would get rid of the dog if it kept getting into fights. At this point, my son had woken up and had come into our room.

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