Your world is more interesting to me than mine is

Your world is more interesting to me than mine is. I like spending time in your world. I want to know what you are thinking at any given moment when you are interfacing with this reality. What does your mind look like as you move about–is it singularly focused or easily distracted? How often do you think about things that could be called sinful or criminal? How different is your inner world and self with the outer one that you present to the world? How much time do you spend in the past, present or future? How does your ability to remember things stack up against mine?

It seems that a lot of high and mighty thinking is really just a denial of reality. Sure, it’s fun to think that one day I will discover that my sense of self is an illusion and there really is no such thing as my distinct and separate ego, but at the same time, in the here and now, there clearly is a distinct and separate me that cannot be eradicated. It’s great to think that I have a solid grip on reality, but my memory is very fragile, and the likelihood that I will be remembered by others when I die is very slim.

Evil exists, this is plain to see. You can try to argue it away with a well-crafted theodicy, but people act in ways that can only be described as evil. To say evil isn’t a real thing the way a chair or that person over there is real, is to live in a state of denial. God may be working everything out for the better good, or when you die and hit the afterlife, all of your sorrow and pain becomes quickly forgotten and seems as if it were but a dream, but in the here and now, this is not the case.

Dreams are not just like the waking world. People who state this in order to try to provoke deeper thought are just fooling themselves. No dream ever seems to work the same way as this reality does with its consistency, so why pretend that your waking life is but a dream as well? Even, if as I said above, you end up spending eternity in a higher reality in which this one looks to have been a mirage, you can’t deny the actuality, the solidity of this reality in the here and now.

Any philosophical or theological writing or thinking that is done simply to turn reality on its head and provoke thought should be set aside as such. Over here, the truth and what I and almost every other human being agrees is the real thing. Over there, possibilities and thought problems and exotic answers to provocative questions. One person who is firmly set upon trying to convey the truth as plainly as possible to as many people as possible is worth far more their weight in gold than a hundred mystical sages who give slanted, quirky answers in order to preserve their mystery.

Whatever might be mysterious about God or reality should only be taken as such in the sense that my imperfect human nature prevents me from remembering the thing more perfectly or seeing the future at all. In other words, the mysterious nature of any aspect of reality beyond this one is only mysterious in the same way as what tomorrow holds is mysterious. It is not being kept hidden because I am uninitiated or my mind or consciousness hasn’t fully developed. Nor do I need to spend decades in a monastery or ashram trying to develop such a thing.

Whatever Christ said or did that was unique can be boiled down to the simple fact that he reiterated the message of loving one’s neighbor in such a way as to enforce the proactive (and not passive) way of living this kind of life. Many sages have put forth the Golden Rule or some form of it as the ultimate truth, Christ simply stressed that it isn’t a passive thing that you wait around to do after someone or some thing has acted upon you. Within this is the clear disruption of reality in the sense of the fact that without a Christian way of thinking, we primarily are more inclined to participate in tit-for-tat which inevitably leads to total war. Christ’s disruption of our tendency to fight fire with fire is the only disruption of reality by a sage that is worth talking about.

Sitting around waiting to be enlightened or be made righteous and more holy is in my opinion not a Christian activity or even an exemplary human one. Loving only your family and friends and those who love you first certainly is not, though this seems to be what most of us do in spite of thousands of years of Christian attempts to disrupt this kind of behavior. Doing radical things begins with you changing how you do things in the moments that unfold right outside your door, within your everyday encounters of others. Waiting around to be called and trained and then called again is not a radical act, it is an acceptable path to becoming trained in our present culture. Waiting around to be officially ordained to preach the Word of God and be a disciple of Christ is no different than waiting around until you are old enough to be permitted to do this or that–in other words, it is an acceptable social activity within a social construct, but it isn’t necessarily a purely Christian one.

I am still completely convinced that there is a higher reality than this one, but I am ready to leave off from trying to access it or commune with it. If I was meant to engage with it, I would have been doing so for the past twenty years. It’s like I’ve been putting on my best outfit and going to the ball and waiting for someone to dance with me, but I am supposed to just put on whatever I have laying around and go dance with the first person I meet when I walk out of my door.

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