Go to your happy place

Go to your happy place. If you are hurting and feeling like the world isn’t listening to you, then you need to travel to your happy place. Go to a place far removed from childhood, and don’t just travel back to the start of a great relationship before it went bad. Go to a place that is truly a happy place–a place that is all you, and only you.

Take comfort in this place, lick your wounds, and heal.

If you don’t have a happy place in mind, I will try to create one for you. Imagine that you are living inside an utterly androgynous, asexual human form, whose age is roughly 30. You are not sexually attractive or attracted to anyone at all. This means that anyone who attempts to strike up a conversation with you when you are out in public will be doing it for a motive other than to seek a sexual exchange. Likewise, you choose clothes that are utterly lacking in being clothes that will get you attention.

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