Witchcraft, idolatry, prayer

Witchcraft – using formulas independent of God (possibly accessing demons) to manipulate physical reality

Idolatry — offering adoration or excessive attention to any construct, mental or physical, even constructs you genuinely believed to be God.

Prayer – petitioning God the Creator in Jesus’ name
Works of healing in Jesus’ name
Other works–like rebuking the storm

God doesn’t answer all prayers because too many prayers are sent up to God in the form of witchcraft–people want to control God as if God were a simple nature spirit or demon.

God cannot be subordinated to you or your commands. God can be petitioned, and then God sends you back insights that you employ, and you work on God’s behalf–but, you never get to be above God when you are requesting help from God.

However, is it possible that someone can manipulate and control their physical environment using the same type of authority Jesus used to rebuke the storm, and have it not be witchcraft, idolatry or attempting to manipulate/control God? In other words, you receive Godstuff that you are then able to employ of your own volition, and not have to resort to calling on spiritual entities to do your work for you. If/when you think you are bending God to do your will, you are headed down the path of witchcraft; specifically, if you end up successfully getting someone from the spirit world to do your bidding, it will likely be a demon. Good angels will be following the will of God at all times, not yours.

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