Those of us steeped in this present age

Those of us steeped in this present age where authority begins with scientific empiricism, leads to rational skepticism, and often ends there unless we are among the ones who can’t shake off our faith no matter how much we try to–even most of the most faithful tend to hear the words of a religious person outside of their precise faith tradition and think that that person is crazy or wrong or weak-minded except where they state things that are empirically verifiable (or seem to be so).

What seems to be odd about the human mind is that our earliest ancestors were deeply religious, placing spirit above matter in importance of what is true and real, and that little children of a certain age are more likely to be open to stories about God than teenagers and young adults who are all-too ready to immerse themselves in the secular world in their efforts to make something of themselves. This seems odd since, if we are as science concludes, nothing more or less than the atoms that compose us materially, why would we have been so inclined to believe that a spirit was the more true or real world throughout most of human history? Attempts to explain this via the split of the bicameral mind, the god delusion, etc. seem to be inadequate. Such theories might preclude a world of human agnostics, occasional seekers or the mildly religious, but they don’t really account for the strange progression of humans from being mostly spiritual to mostly material.

Of course, those of us who have not lost our faith might seek out alternate explanations. We wonder if the world is indeed as many religions think it is–nothing more or less than the product of mind–or perhaps a Mind–we are little minds inside a Mind’s world, carrying sparks of that Mind with us so that we have a taste of what it is like to be in possession of such a Mind. We act this out by making art, and attempting to bend nature to our wills, but we are inevitably left to work with the materials within our matrix because we are inextricably woven into the matrix. If we decide this is no longer acceptable, we die and become part of the Mind again, losing our individual identities in the process–but, many of us find this to be highly preferable as it leads us back into a more holistic state of being.

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