just when you thought

just when you thought that there was no one
paying any attention out there,
“out there” intrudes in ways that make you wonder
if someone is watching your every move.

but then, you think that this is absurd, and that the world was not made for you, or that it is a projection of your mind, and you go back to being more or less a materialist, a dualist, someone who sees a complete and utter separation between body and mind, and then mind starts to slip away and become the byproduct of the brain which is an errant evolutionary pathway on the road to human extinction.

but, wouldn’t you like there to be more out there than this? or, perhaps not? perhaps if all of that which you once took for granted as being the truth suddenly came back and sat upon you like a hippopotamus.

look carefully around every corner. stay awake when you are falling asleep. expect the unexpected to come through that door at any minute. don’t dismiss the pristine mind as being unreal, because you are just shifting your focus. do dismiss all of the tricky, awkward manifestations of your own, cloudy, poorly trained mind.

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