i made this

i made this in america,
while disconnected from the land.
i formed words with my mind and heart,
then i reflected them by hand.

i hadn’t counted on you to be
here to feel them in your head.
you who would still be calling
this your country; a land left for dead.

i revived your heart with a de-
fibrillator straight from wal-mart
that was decidedly not made
in this land but i had to start

somewhere that was more serious
than just another sad prayer
for someone up there to see
the light and finally give us

the care and attention that
all of us need: to send the bus
of happiness and love down
from above so that we might make

beautiful music and art
for the Lord instead of just ache

another backache, heartache, headache
for the unmanned unplanned invisible hand
that someone should have put to bed
a long time ago in this land left for dead.

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