create a space

create a space of mental resonance,
a place for your self to reside within a framework
of a purely mental state.
see your thoughts ping-ponging back and forth,
the space can be nonsense or a mantra of any sort.
you are building a pocket universe of mind
where you can play,
a sandbox if you will.
you don’t need to make something grand and epic.
big things are for bigger days to come.
make a tiny little cottage that can collapse when the time comes.
know that your mind is most important,
much more important than anyone is giving it credit.
your mind, in fact, is more important than its usefulness here on earth
or its place in the pantheon of thinking things that also once thought.
your mind is a precious gem, a jewel, a centerpiece on a great crown.
however, at the end of the day, you will have to revise
your ideas about your mind being completely your own.
you don’t own your mind as if it were your very own library and no one else’s.
your mind isn’t cut off from every other mind.
but, your mental space is a nice place to start,
to go to, when you need to get a grip again on just how important
the role that you are playing really is.

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