How I feel vs. how I think

How I feel vs. how I think–I’ve been criticized for not expressing what I think enough when I argue from a point of how I feel, and vice versa. Both have their limitations. Feelings that are immediate and shallow are generally to be dismissed. They are lingering behavioral responses from youth and toddlerhood that were not properly addressed during the formative years. There are deeper feelings, though. Like when you feel something instantly in your gut, and you know it is wrong but you have yet to put into words why you know it is wrong. Your gut, when properly listened to, almost always has the right answers. The same goes with persistent feelings. You feel the same way about someone or something on day one, and you still feel that way after a month–it’s safe to say that the feeling is valid.

The pursuit of feeling good is conflated with the pursuit of happiness. It is easy to get caught up in a fleshly, sensuous world and become more and more imprisoned by your carnal desires.

A more sophisticated approach would be a close reading of how the mind and heart interact with each other, and a process of training them to work together more optimally. My approach has often been a matter of dismissing one in favor of the other until I’ve taken my feelings or my thoughts to an unhealthy extreme.

Meditating on a loop that is running from my solar plexus out to my head, between my eyes, and back down through my heart to my solar plexus. A feedback loop of happiness and joy. Also, imagining all of the faces that will come at me with scowls and seriousness and importance, faces that are not wanting to see a happy person. The world loves to rip apart a happy person. My thin skin has always been all-too obliging.

Also, the keen sense of not owning any of this. I don’t own these concepts. They aren’t new, they are simply the output of what I’m observing presently. They belong to everyone.

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