give thanks

give thanks to the Lord, for the Lord is good.
you who would spend a month seeing the glass half-empty
might wake up one morning to squeeze out a few drops of Self
and suddenly see that the glass is slightly more full than half full.
you have many gifts for which you haven’t offered gratitude
to God up above you,
no not God up somewhere in the clouds…
start with your heart.
your heart builds the cross that you carry joyfully,
your head builds the cross that your carry woefully.
give thanks to the Lord, for a morning like this one
where you are not experiencing violence for loving the Lord.
you are not being beaten for your voice of dissent
when you criticize the President.
you have a myriad of gifts, not all of us have them.
some have more gifts than you do, and that tends to be
where you hold your eyes.
hold your eyes upon the Lord, who with grace has given you
this bounty of health and life and a wealth of second chances
to get something started in the here and now.
stop waiting around to blossom into a pretty thing
or make the perfect lovely thing.
take your magnificent gift which isn’t beautiful to many
and bring it to those who have eyes of faith.
give thanks for your heart which still beats strong
after forty years on this earth that don’t seem that long
at all because you’ve been handed the lovely gift
of the soft life in which you are free to drift
from time to time without there being too much consequence.
give thanks for the joy that you feel in your heart,
for the love that has been placed there,
that it may become a kind of charity
which you can express both daily and nightly
to any who would need it and receive it.
you should know that your soul is well-funded,
and you are living a life of spiritual abundance,
no need to beg Jesus for even more prosperity,
you have more than enough already to spare with the least of these.
be happy, be joyful, be still, be blessed.

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