i had to pause

i had to pause and let some of this life leak out
onto a few digital lines and then seek out
something empty and free to take its place.
the urge to fill every empty space
is a well-worn one wrought by a western mind.
the silly sense that if something is missing
then that means that there must be
something for me to find.
it sees its ultimate expression in the stark suppression
of all natural amorphous patterns that appear
everywhere prior to civilization
and everywhere after a civilization dies.
after an endless number of tries
you’d think that we’d cease to fill our spaces
with so many straight lines.
you’d think that we’d cease to seek out so many places
to engrave our names and faces.
i had to pause and let my self remember my death
that will one day soon be seeing my face,
and be filled with a sense of the peace
that will come from knowing that i
won’t necessarily fill a different place.
i caught a brief glimpse of how all of the current king’s towers
resemble the mega-block structures my son builds and knocks down
every hour.
if anything, our current king needs more of our pity,
for all of the pathetic ways he tried to rule his city
then country, then world.
he was already rotting in his red, white and blue suit
from the moment the flag unfurled for him and his kind,
who are nothing more or less than the dying western breaths
of carbon-filled lungs wheezing to run a dying western mind,
a mind that won’t be content until it finishes its hell-bent
mission on filling or destroying every space that it can find.

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