I’m only going to give you what I have

I’m only going to give you what I have. From the inside of me to the inside of you, that is what I want to bring forth. Inside of me there is an ever-increasing sense of peace. It isn’t artificial peace, and it isn’t a delusion about the future that is still bound to hold some degree of violence. What it is, is a gift of peace from God that God has placed inside of me, and now I would like to give it to you.

Specifically, I want my peace to fill a space inside of you that trembles with anxiety. If you are worried about the future, then I don’t want to lie to you and say that everything is going to be all right. What I want to do is replace the anxiety with peace so that you can more objectively and carefully assess your options for battling the dragons that may come your way. I won’t slay your dragons for you, and I can’t hide you from your dragons, but what I can do is make sure that you won’t make rash decisions that are propelled by fear.

From what authority to I send you my peace? I send you peace by way of the love of the Lord, the goodness of Truth, the holiness of Love. I sit in a time and place where I am safe and able to draw forth reserves of peace. I may not always be here, but as I write these words, I pray that when you read them, you will be able to sense some of these reserves of peace that I am praying will be there for you.

Are you one of the chosen ones? It is very likely that you are, but I am not a prophet, so I can’t say for certain. You are alive in your here and now, and you are cast in a moment where the world needs you more than ever.

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