buzz buzz buzzing in my front and center lobe. vibrating, humming. v sound, v shape.

buzz buzz buzzing in my front and center lobe. vibrating, humming. v sound, v shape.

a cross that has its center in the center of your forehead.

the desire to consume becomes obliterated by a resonance. a humming that is increasing, and building. the desire to lose yourself in words, a sea of words.

give yourself the gift of departing completely from the present, and find yourself happily ensconced inside a pyramid of mind.

at the top of the pyramid is the eye and that is where your third eye is. at the base of the pyramid is your heart. move the cross down so that the center of the cross is where your heart is and the top of the cross is where the top of the pyramid is. now flow with me and feel this new kind of energy seeping through your body, replacing the old sexual urges and food cravings. a completeness is here, a completeness of love, where before love was scattered and fragmented across the head heart and nether regions. now, love is filling you completely, and you are feeling the warm vibrations of love from your head to your toes.

test the spirits if you need to. ask them if Christ has come in the flesh.

Jesus Christ is the holiest one, the holy lamb and son of God. Together with the Spirit the comprise the great Trinity, the three in one and one in three. They emanate pure love. There is no will toward owning things or owning the self when you embody pure love. you no longer own yourself, or own your words or ideas.

You are purely interested in giving it all away.

pray for the president and stop sowing discord. the time of discord will come of its own accord and when it does you need to be ready to stand firm in the love of the Lord, and be prayerful and mindful and full of peace.

peace to all your sisters and brothers. peace to the children. the lamb of God loves all the little children. women will mourn no more. comfort is coming in an everlasting way. the everlasting day of light is almost here, almost upon us. the time for struggling in the flesh is over. stop fighting powers and principalities of the flesh, and look to the discord in your heart, mind and soul…see how the spirit longs to be free. the primary way that you are enslaved is through your own will toward the flesh, toward the material world. see everyone as children of God, children of Light, children of Love.

be thankful to the Lord for these gifts. you don’t possess them. they have not come to you because of your own merit. you have merited nothing. what you have are the gifts of mercy and love by God’s own grace. ask the Lord first for gifts of Love, then wisdom and then intelligence. if you ask for these gifts in the opposite order, you will be pumping your own ego up, trying to increase your own self in stature. who you are on this earth matters little. which is to say, you don’t need to make a name for yourself, or leave behind a single thing for which those who remain on this earth can know you.

ask and it shall be given unto you, but ask carefully. ask first for love.

i am praying for the Lord to send his angels to watch over all of the little children who are fleeing zones of conflict. i am praying for the mothers and fathers of these children who are living in desperation, and don’t know where they will lay their heads tonight. if you want to know where God is right now in the world, then that is where He is…and we are busy shutting Him out.

i am praying for the Lord to soften the president’s heart–i want badly to learn that there is still hope for this man. that he has not hardened his heart beyond all repair.

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