You get this really weird feeling inside you

You get this really weird feeling inside you when you step into one of those alternate realities scattered all across the Internet. People talking about the earth being flat, aliens living under it, and other nonsense. However, there is that weird feeling that it wouldn’t take a whole lot of changes to your truth-telling mechanism to make you into one of these people. Partly, it’s because you want to believe that there is so much more to reality than the one science has provided us to date, or even the one provided by science plus mainline Christianity. In this world of truth, the physical and the metaphysical are kept distinctly apart. Christianity doesn’t inform what you believe about the nature of reality from cradle to grave, except to exhort you to be nicer to your enemies and stop trying to become rich–give it all away to the poor. Once death claims the individual as we knew him or her, then it’s fair game to say whether or not some higher dimension outside (or inside, or no location in relation to us) houses a bunch of spiritual energies or an ultimate Mind or Love or God, who gave us Christ a couple thousand years ago as a bridge between our tainted world of pure free will and the Holy one.

At any rate, what you believe about your physical universe pretty much aligns with whatever a modern scientist has to say. You don’t think the world is young, and you are fine with macro-evolution taking place. You have stopped thinking that aliens are on the verge of arriving at any minute.

But then, you start reading some of these folks who are very sincere and adamant about their experiences and what they know or think they know to be truth, and you get this weird feeling. It’s a kind of prompting–as if to say, yes, there is much more truth to be found, but this is probably not the best place to be looking for it.

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