why don’t you want to go through with it and take the leap forward

why don’t you want to go through with it and take the leap forward into the space where it will be like suspended animation? you drew lines and counted costs, but that’s not you.

imagine a locus that is stationary, like something inside, outside, above, below, beyond…now remove those directions…imagine a non-locus that is always dynamic, always moving. how you describe the movement is what your world becomes.

if the movement is happy movement, joyous rhythms, danceable tunes, then so becomes your movement. but, if you try to grab the movement, and pin it down, make it motionless and draw a box around it, then the world you started to create goes away.

basic movement = taking something or making something. breathing. thinking about taking in positive energies while breathing in, but turning around and producing more positive energies when breathing out.

there is certainly a world out there. don’t be like those who would claim they are responsible for all of the world. solipsism doesn’t cut it. but, you are connected with the world in ways you don’t see. if you approach the world with the basic attitude that you are cut off from it and distinctly an island unto yourself, the world treats you that way. you are not of this world, then, but you are also not of anyone else. in order for you to be successful at such an endeavor, you must strive to make your individualism so perfectly distinct that it becomes abhorrent to all.

if you approach the world correctly, with the notion that you are connected to it in some way, then you will contend with the fact that you are going to be shaped and molded every single day. you can’t get away from people who will change you. for you, growth may not look like a neat linear trajectory. it might not even hold any spatial dimensions at all.

imagine a mind that is just as comfortable working with large numbers on the order of hundreds of digits as your mind is comfortable working with single digit numbers. such a mind holds no reservations about being able to add, subtract, multiply, divide large numbers, as you do with single digit numbers. such a mind could not be located, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t exist.

your insistence upon finding reality with your senses means that you have predicated an attitude or approach or preconceived notion of one where you toss aside anything that doesn’t arrive in via your senses and become a kind of object in your mind that you can dissect and control.

the first step, then, is to blast away your insistence upon being a separate individual and your insistence upon only claiming to know something if you can apprehend it with your senses.

your attitude or approach or pre-conceived notion that you use to begin your quest will include one of being present with your mind without grabbing onto anything with your mind. further, you will no longer see the phrase “your mind” as being somehow equivalent with something like “your house” or “your car.” your mind becomes “the mind.”

the mind. think about the mind for awhile. consider the mind as being a non-thing or stateless thing where the word thing is merely a placeholder to describe a generic entity, and the mind has no location. it is stateless, non-local, and the mind minds…it exists in its mindfulness. it doesn’t exist while it is still someone’s static mental image. it begins to exist for the user when the user accepts that the mind simply abides in a mindful state.

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